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Axe Rugby strives to be every rugby player’s go-to resource for rugby performance, injury prevention and coaching. We believe that everyone who plays rugby needs to train to perform, no matter the level. Whether you dream of playing for your country or notching a hundred caps for your local side, every rugby player at some stage, has dared to dream of being the best player they can be. Axe Rugby programming will provide you with all the necessary tools to achieve your goals. We bring the plan; you bring the energy and intent to get better.

Why Choose Axe Rugby?

Axe Rugby was created due to a glaring lack of support worldwide for rugby players outside of professional rugby environments, who do not have access to strength and conditioning, injury prevention or rehabilitation programming. Too often players who live remotely from major rugby hubs or develop in later years of adolescence get overlooked in development pathways. Similarly, players who are simply hungry to improve alongside their working week have had no avenue to find rugby specific coaching to allow them to level up their game. Rugby is a tough sport and significant injuries can occur especially when players have not conditioned their bodies appropriately. Proper strength and conditioning, and targeted rehabilitation is crucial for any rugby player looking to prevent or return from injury. We believe that Axe Rugby’s comprehensive programming fills this void, allowing you to train effectively and purposefully for rugby.

Our Origin

Our company was founded by Alex Holland, a sports and exercise physiotherapist with experience in both professional rugby league and rugby union who has worked in elite sport since 2014. Alex has worked for rugby teams in the English Rugby Premiership for both men and women and in championship rugby league in the United Kingdom – he has even been to the commonwealth games as a physiotherapist.  Alex found rugby later in life at 19 when he moved to university. Falling in love with the game he tried to improve by searching online for resources, however soon found out firsthand the sparsity of rugby strength and conditioning programs available. Through a love for the game and a want to improve as much as possible the idea started to form. A decade later Axe Physio and now Axe Rugby was formed. At Axe Rugby, our mission is to make elite level rugby programming available for everyone. We believe in equal opportunity so everyone can

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“To provide all rugby players with equal opportunities & resources, to follow their rugby dreams”



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