To succeed In Men’s Rugby, it has become as much about your work rate off the field, as it is on the field. Tailored and structured strength and conditioning programming can be the difference between getting over the advantage line, shrugging tackles, and hitting new top speeds. To achieve these sorts of improvements as a rugby player, programming needs to be specific, not only to the sport but to the different positions within rugby as well. The manifestation of this is simple, train like rugby player, with a rugby program, to be a better rugby player.


Axe Rugby’s team has worked in both codes of professional rugby at the highest level of the game. This experience has allowed us to create effective Rugby programs that not only improve performance but reduces injury risk as well. Whether you are a young aspiring rugby player with their sights set on a professional career. Or if you want to be the best rugby player for your local side, Axe Rugby has programming that can suit your needs. Each program contains a weekly; schedule, performance testing, gym program, prehab/injury prevention section, Cardio, Speed, Mobility and Recovery. Let our team take the stress out of this year’s rugby season, come train, and perform with Axe Rugby.


Axe Rugby specializes in rugby injury rehabilitation as well, with a team of Sports Physiotherapists, Sports Rehabbers and Strength & Conditioning Coaches. If you are coming back from an injury and want specific advice, set up an appointment with one of our therapists by dropping us an email. Or if you are simply keen to learn more about injury prevention and rehabilitation, be sure to subscribe to our email and check out Axe Rugby’s YouTube and blog for monthly content!

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