Success Stories

Success Stories

Charlie Willett

International Rugby League Player

In October 2022, Charlie had a complex knee injury in which she ruptured her ACL and suffered two meniscal tears requiring surgery.

Ned and Alex have managed her rehab, and she's due to return to playing rugby union with Trailfinders later this year.

"My rehab has been second to none under the guidance of the Axe team. Despite some setbacks, I am confident that I will return to rugby better and stronger than before."

- Charlie Willett

(Ireland Rugby League / Trailfinder Rugby Union - 2nd Row)



Nesta Nyamakazi

Amateur Rugby Union Player

Nesta has been working with Axe Rugby since 2021 to tackle a recent injury history and to get accepted into a professional rugby pathway.

Off the field Nesta has developed a strong gym base with improved cardiovascular fitness and been able to string back to back games together.

"Working with Alex over the last seven months has been a real game changer for me. I can confidently say that he has gotten me in the best shape physically with no injuries and the best position to compete in my current rugby season. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to take their game to the next level."

- Nesta Nyamakazi

(Old Crescent Rugby Football Club - Prop)


Kimber Rozier

International 7's Rugby Union Player

In March 2022, Kimber suffered an ACL injury playing rugby union during preseason. After successful surgery Kimber's started rehabilitation remotely with Axe Rugby.

Working with Alex, Kimber has completed her entire rehab process online and returned to national 7s competition in the USA.

"Ive been working with Alex from Axe Rugby to get back from ACL surgery, Axe rugby has been critical in knowing what to do setting up a remote programming knowing what to do with my rehab, ive seen consistent progress since day 1 post-op to getting back to playing 7s rugby again."

- Kimber Rozier

(USA 7's & USA 15's - Fly Half)


Femi Sanya

Femi Sanya

Professional Rugby League Player

Alex started working with Femi during his time at the London Broncos academy. Femi was the England underage starting prop who unfortunately had a run of injuries.

Through his own hard work and dedication to his rehab Femi was able to resolve his injury history and has continued on signing with West Tigers Australian national rugby league (NRL).

"I have worked with Alex through his time at the London Broncos, he helped me with a range of issues including my adductor add pain with running. He is a very kind and knowledgeable person who took the time to spend it with me and help me resolve my issues. He has also helped me with strength and conditioning programming, Alex is a top guy, always recommending his services."

- Femi Sanya

 (West Tigers Rugby League - Prop)