Axe Rugby believes in the growth and development of women’s rugby. We’re finally seeing women’s teams playing in kit made for women. But when it comes to physical preparation, women are often treated as smaller versions of men. At Axe Rugby, we know female athletes deserve better, and we’re here to change the game.


Female athletes respond differently to strength programs and have different injury risks to their male counterparts – and that’s before we even get started on the impact of the menstrual cycle on training. We have worked with elite female players from the English premiership down to grass roots juniors and want to bring this elite level experience and professionalism to you. The women’s game is growing exponentially, and we are excited to be a part of this change. Off the pitch, we know it is a necessity for all women of any age who play rugby to be appropriately conditioned for their level of play to become better rugby players and, crucially, to prevent injury.

Whether you are an aspiring junior looking to become a professional player or someone looking to improve to help your local side, Axe Rugby can cater for your needs. Choose from our extensive selection of pre-season and in-season Rugby programming. Each program contains a weekly; schedule, performance testing, gym program, prehab/injury prevention section, Cardio, Speed, Mobility and Recovery. Let our team take the stress out of this year’s rugby season, come train, and perform with Axe Rugby.


Axe Rugby specializes in rugby injury rehabilitation as well, with a team of Sports Physiotherapists, Sports Rehabbers and Strength & Conditioning Coaches. If you are coming back from an injury and want specific advice, set up an appointment with one of our therapists by dropping us an email. Or if you are simply keen to learn more about injury prevention and rehabilitation, be sure to subscribe to our email and check out Axe Rugby’s YouTube and blog for monthly content!

Train and perform with #AxeRugby.